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Encore’s consultants are renowned for always going the extra mile in supporting their clients relocating to the UK. Our services are customized to each client’s needs and priorities, as we are fully aware that a move, expertly handled with Encore’s efficiency and guidance, alleviates much of an assignee’s stress and eases the transition to their new location and workplace.


Pre-Arrival Support

We feel it is very important to speak to our clients prior to their arrival in the UK to introduce our team and to confirm the client’s priorities and needs when relocating.

During the call we explain our services and how we support and guide the assignee during their move and whilst living in the UK, enabling them to relax, leaving Encore to deal with their relocation issues and concerns. 

We cover the many topics which are the most important to the individual including the current property market, suitable areas and types of properties, commuting times, and if appropriate, an explanation of the many choices of schools in the international, national and British sectors. 

Pre Arrival Support
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Temporary Accommodation

We have long-established, successful relationships with service accommodation providers. If required, we will source and book suitable accommodation for those waiting to find and move into their long term housing, or for those in the UK for a short term assignment.

Booking Temporary Accomodation
Orienation Tours

Orientation Tours

Many clients are unfamiliar with London and the surrounding areas and unsure of where they would like to live. We offer an orientation tour of suitable locations, consider any specific cultural needs and include a sample of typical properties to help identify where the client would like to focus their search for their long term home. 

Advice on Schooling

Education in the UK

Some of the Encore team have lived overseas with their children and are fully aware that schooling is one of the most important aspects for a family to consider when relocating. 

We have many years’ experience in advising parents of the different education options available in the UK, enabling them to make an informed decision on the best system for their children. 

We have long established relationships with the admissions teams at American, International, National and British Schools, and knowledge in dealing with families who wish to apply to British state schools (non-fee paying) through the education departments of the local councils.


Home Search

Having clarified our clients’ needs when looking for a new home, we source properties through our own data base and real estate agents. 

We arrange appointments to suit the clients’ schedules and accompany them to the viewings which, subject to market conditions and availability, may be for a full day, with much appreciated lunch breaks! However, we are able to organise half day viewings, or appointments after office hours and during weekends depending on the availability of the estate agents. 

Sourcing Properties

Negotiating and Executing Leases

Once a property has been chosen, we negotiate the terms of the tenancy agreement ensuring our recommended clauses and client’s requirements are included and legally correct. We do not accept fees or commission from real estate agents, enabling us to offer unbiased advice.

We oversee the managing agents and inventory clerks to confirm any agreed works or repairs at the property have been undertaken before the start of the tenancy.

To help and ease the move for our clients into their new home, we arrange for the transfer of the utilities, registration of the council tax and broadband connection.



As animal lovers, we empathise with those clients who do not wish to leave behind their much-loved family member. 

During our years in the relocation business, we have organised for numerous dogs and cats, rabbits, some lizards, two or three snakes and a few tropical fish to join their owners in the UK, and we continue to do so! 

When showing properties and negotiating the terms of a tenancy agreement we always confirm whether landlords and building regulations allow the relevant pets.

Image by Erda Estremera
Managing Pets

Shipping of Household Goods

We organise the transfer of goods for our clients with long standing contacts at established shipping companies, all of whom we recommend for their experience and professionalism. Should the shipment be delayed, we will arrange for interim rental furniture to be installed in the property.

Managing Goods

Settling-in service

A very important part of Encore’s services is to support and assist the clients when settling into their new area and home. 

We arrange for the registration with a local doctors’ and dentists’ practices, both NHS and private. We recommend local leisure and sport facilities, introduce nurseries, kindergartens and childcare amenities, and if required will organise an introduction to local support groups for a non-working partners. 

According to the feedback from our clients we know this guidance contributes to a stress free and successful relocation.  

Support Settling In
Smart Phone Call

Ongoing Support

We are available to answer queries and address any concerns which may arise during the assignment for many aspects of living in the UK.

As with our settling-in service, our 24/7 support is much valued and appreciated, and was initiated in case of any emergency arising for the client. Our ongoing commitment and accessibility gives security and confidence. 

Ongoing Support
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